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Louis. They submit hundreds of hours of camera time to production, who come to the wilderness sites just to swap out batteries and media cards. Yeah, that's, that's so fascinating. And at the same time, my my ex she was driving was my son who was 44 years old, something like that. I can tell what's up here. The show uses animated sequences, but also interviews historians and conducts forensic investigations to formulate conclusions. In the war, every man in the family of that generation, Connie. So I understand how the cultural narrative has made it so that native Europeans in the United States or in Canada view themselves as non native, but that's your choice. I think if you've if you stopped and looked for just a minute, you can tell. So we'll just we'll play it by ear little by little. Martnez signed with the Rockford Aviators of the Frontier League, an independent league, for the 2014 season. There was a trail that I knew about, and I'm going back to Joe, he says why going back to trail this just go straight to the cabin. [23] On December 2, Martinez was non-tendered by the Cubs. yeah. It was a stressed out situation for me. And I'm like, Okay, this to this boreal forest, you can see a saying beyond 10 meters. So, yeah, there you go. What History Channel shows do you feel are real or fake? You'd have more biodiversity of course, the idea of burning part of the forest for biodiversity would drives a lot of ignorant people absolutely bonkers. I'm Native. And so for you, Jose, I'm interested in, I think in and maybe I'm wrong, it seems though that kind of that hard charge, ram it through, you know, beat through it mentality is, is very common. In February 2019, Martnez signed a two-year, $3.25million contract with St. Instead of thinking about whats wrong with life, (and how bad the immediate situation is) Roberts starts focusing on his Family and how lucky He is in real life. So I might come up left of it and then rectify, or write of it and then rectify, and, you know, he just took the lead and walked straight to the cabin. That's the complete delusion, but you, you know, you do you I'm native 110%, my ancestors were in Northwest Spain 40,000 years ago. And if something happens, we'll be running over and getting there in five minutes," Ryan told Distractify. So if you're, if you get off of being a private, or what they call private here, you immediately are open to be relocated, and it ruins your whole family's plan. Like, if I see a moose track and the host the tips of the hosts are splayed out like that. So then why don't you believe native people when they tell you this is how we do it we we have dreams we have intuitions we have we know or we have like say spirit animals that guide us and tell us about these plant medicines that they know well Oh my god, we can't do that, because that is not Newtonian science, therefore, it cannot be the truth. The roots are the absolute best for for bow drill, and it would talk in northern hemisphere. They also knew when things happen. [18] He finished his 2018 campaign slashing .305/.364/.457 with 17 home runs and 83 RBIs in 152 games, and led the majors in percentage of balls hit to the opposite field (34.7%), as well as in percentage of soft-hit batted balls (34.7%).[19][20]. Broke a couple of ribs in Moscow. And 1520 seconds later or a minute late, whatever, some animal will go by that I see the animal and the animal didn't see me. We're getting getting back on our feet now. And unfortunately, the time to think through the consequences before you make the action, but yeah, something that something I want to talk about, I know we're kind of running long here, we need to get you back to your day, but something I think I would be would be missing heavily is your involvement in medieval full contact fighting? And they keep I mean, the events are announced. While the actual men and their jobs are real, most of the show tends to be fake. I never advertise myself as a tracker, you notice that? I think that the way to truly understand nature is to integrate yourself in nature. Now, though, that that is a different story. Maybe, not in the Yukon. And when I go there, and I start walking around, and we're always looking for side, right, doorways, because you need to know what's around here, this is not a curiosity thing. So the smart thing to do is what my parents did work in a high wage country, and then save money and then invested in Spain, and go back with some, some savings and build your life and back in your own country, which is how I feel the ideal. All right. In the new thriller 'Alone', Jules Willcox' character battles both man and nature in this movie; nature one in one respect, because the actress broke her foot during filming! But you don't let your intuition you don't have your intuition be part of it, you're just very good at all the visual clues and everything else. And normally, the COVID Singh, of course, put everything on hold. Like is your son went back to Spain? There is a time to do it, the strong, assertive, masculine way and there's a time to do it, the gentle, perceptive, subtle, feminine way and this has nothing to do with your gender is nothing whatsoever to do with your gender. But they're, they evolved into speaking Klingon when the Klingon moved inland. And then now in the Amazon. But how does that affect a show like Alone? Martinez (knee) had his rehab assignment shut down recently after he hyperextended his left shoulder on a swing, Justin Toscano of The Bergen Record reports. Yeah, I mean, they are [still] alone. Ancients Behaving Badly focuses on individual historical figures and rates their pathology based on their behavior. If you also pause the Alone Season 2 Finale at 2:40 of the video (you can watch on the History Channel)is more footage from the same camera right after the canoe was turned right-side up. So I've had much worse than the picture I showed you, for sure. Um, after Second World War, a Germany was a wreck basically was was a bombings and all that and, or I was born, I was born in a, in a, in a city called noise across the Rhine River from Dusseldorf This is the have had literally three buildings standing at the end of the Second World War, which I mean, it's remarkable to say that these people build themselves into a world economic power in basically in two generations a remarkable drive they have, that's Germans are quite incredible people. Powered by VIP. One of these days, I'll probably stop participating but I train people to go in the before the the whole COVID baloney and all that happened. Every Sunday, I stopped going to church when I was 13. No, I mean, but I can sell that. Winners take home $500,000. Um, so what does it look like? They say, well, our ancestors are commended for their efforts to discard plant medicines through trial and error. Martinez was ultimately seven hits short of batting .400 for the season. And then I've been everywhere in the western United States. Before you were born. A former member of the Special Forces and the notoriously tough Spanish Foreign. And I didn't realize this was a thing. I actually. So So in those days, Franco, our dictator we had in Spain, he was a very smart chap, and he would just let you they would argue the government would organize for people to have contracts. Reply. RUSADA that asteroids are real and present danger to life on this planet. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. And the thing is, I'm in a place where looked at the Yukon Territory is the size of California, where under I think 40,000 people, which is in Europe, that's a village or anywhere in the state. Justin Vititoe. This is one area where our technology should be focusing on AI to be able to literally protect the planet from asteroid impacts can a grizzly bear do that? And I have a gill net, you know, made out of nylon strands. The contestants record hundreds of hours of footage that documents their experiences in the wild. But let me tell you one thing. battle axes to the back of the head are fine. That was the end of his schooling. So we just lost well, for four events, basically two world championships in two years. But then if you defeat his guard and hit him, say on the leg, or in the helmet, and because he points in at the end, they count points and give you the result. And they're, they're trying to revive the language with a Western mentality, like in a classroom setting, and it's failing miserably, where what they should do is just let kids spend time with elders and abortion and Bush camps, like in fishing camps, and in hunting camps and, and trap lines and all that and just speak the language exclusively little kids would catch on to it really, really fast. We're not threatening. For many fans, Clay was abrasive during his time in isolation. Unlike most other survival shows, what makes Alone truly unique is that the contestants are really alone. Jose Martinez CEO at JP Solar Services LLC El Paso, TX. No, we can do that. Um, the main saying for me personally, is that elders die. They are truly alone," he continued. Ex-star dancer Jos Martinez was appointed new director of dance at the Paris Opera on Friday, four months after the surprise resignation of Aurlie Dupont, the institution announced. Right? This is ridiculous for Les to say. When we say native spirituality, we're not just saying Indian or Native American. Below are the winners for the first eight seasons of Alone. So those are my ancestors two, I'd say that's native. And it may save your life, it's good to know, it's good to know. He just walked through the cabin. And the planet will be fine without us. I started at age 13. You know, some of your viewers or your listeners are going to tell me about Indian all that. Jun 2021 - Feb 20231 year 9 months. So of course that is contrary to Newtonian science. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. I hope so. I've give you a raw data, okay, this is a tree, you go to for A, B, and C, you put it together in this way. I mean, it's, I mean, if you haven't seen a picture of of someone who was on the wrong end of a medieval fight, it's it's pretty spectacular. But I think that the rabbit hole goes way, way deeper than that. I think that's a very, very important and nuanced understanding of the human condition. It was just his brain wasn't wired that way. And I hope it's, it opens up and we go back to that. Yeah, my parents were immigrants. So that's part of my job as well. Broadly speaking, and it but you know, the situation now is, is very different. Like, oh, the Lord told me to walk this path. I know that will I'm going to use your your favorite term here. If you've never worked or been on a film set, you know that your first few days can certainly be a jarring experience. Behind the scenes for the show, the crew is dedicated to providing authenticity for the series. I can feel that I'm dull, dull, when I get to the cabin, or anywhere out in the bush, anywhere remote, I startled animals. [14], Martnez began 2018 as St. Louis' starting first baseman. jose martinez alone staged | mycie, pielgnacja wntrza, zabezpieczanie lakieru, renowacja szyb i lamp. In one, Larry thought he might die when he was fetching clams and oysters. Many feel the History Channel should clarify Ancient Aliens is merely discussing alternative ideas and not to be taken seriously. And they were put in high school before they spoke of word of German. By being trying to be a bully with nature and say, No, I can wrap my head around this. In Far Eastern philosophy, they have this thing where they say, well, like, your glass is full, so I can't fill it. We're not something else. We're talking about people and humans and brothers and sisters. Um, I just hated the idea of being you know, being out there just giving people traffic kinds, or just controlling how people live their lives. It depends how your mind is wired, like how much of the pure Newtonian science is the only reality type of spectrum you're in versus, you know, God is everywhere. Another show on the History Channel that may surprise you as real is Counting Cars. As a species. So you you mentioned that you really enjoyed being part of the Spanish Royal Guard was, I mean, what what about that was enjoyable? And I mean, this, you know, the thing is coming out of this medieval stuff are pretty fierce. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. You could make it out of the outer bark. Final Words We are always led to believe that reality TV shows are staged with scripts, camera set-ups, and massive production. Jose Martinez Amoedo. The survivalist genre in reality TV is uber-popular, and there are tons of different series out there that either skirt around that "off-the-grid" lifestyle or go into it full speed ahead. The Alone Podcast 45 subscribers Jose Martinez Amoedo was a contestant on season 2 of the survival TV show, Alone. This never happened with us, like Spanish immigrants, there was lots of Italian immigrants, there was lots of immigrants from Turkey when I was a child over there, none of us ever made any neighborhood unsafe for the Germans. Tracy Wilson. As the name suggests, all of the contestants are very much alone. Is it full, full contact? And then you just, you're analyzing everything with your logical mind. While a lot of shows, like Alaskan Bush People, have been outed as being almost entirely scripted, Alone really seems to lean . So my oldest is in high school and the other one in like middle school and go figure this figure it out. And this is this is something that I teach in my classes as well. What do you think? Right? American Restoration is a spinoff of Pawn Stars. They speak think it, or they think it's not attached. My prediction was almost spot-on when all signs pointed to Larry tapping out around the 58th day. Ryan also confirmed that contestants are equipped with old cell phones that can only be used in emergency situations but don't provide much assistance beyond that. Larry the Cable Guy wanted to show people that there is hope in the world. But I, I can now Yeah. Most of the segments show just Larry doing jobs, but fans have said the show is one of more interesting and fun ones The History Channel has. That is there's plenty of women nowadays there are 115% Male cognitive and will not get it. No, I wouldn't. Okay, yeah, have a good one. Right? And they were late at that bus stop on their own. You just have a feeling something bad is happening behind your back. This weeks interview is with Jose Martinez Amoedo, from season 2 of the Alone show. I don't think there's much that can be more stupid to say, then that our ancestor figured out that medicine through trial and error. So we have to cut certain cords of wood to keep this house warm. Okay. Any deals you see are organized beforehand. So I you, at some point, you have to decide if you want to believe in stupid or not. And yes, I was already born there. So it's just impact, like strikes, you cannot thrust in the sense that that would then give a possibility. The third place winner of Alone Season 2 is Jose Martinez, who was a favorite to win the challenge by most early predictions online. It looks like it was big or small. Here's the verdict on some of The History Channel's programs. Yeah, I've seen I've seen some people really not getting it. He found his second wind and immediately got busy finding new ways to survive on Vancouver Island. I got 22 stitches out of that one. How else could the emergency crew reach land before Jose does when hes two feet from shore? That there are some people that that start to get there, and just others that don't and you have any sense of, of where that breakdown occurs? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got I got switched off in Prague. The curse is a legend that says seven people must die before the island will release its treasure. I think we, we typically like like going to Mars, right? Well, let's not try a poultice of the mash roots of I don't know Molan for a sprained ankle because it was tried already 325 years ago by Grant in a cave over there in France. Other times it looks like you know, coming from behind a guy and you know, smacking him in the helmet with with a battle axe hard enough where you make him pass out up and fall on the ground. Yeah, when I mean, you, you've obviously taken taking this whole, I even know how to describe it, you've taken this very deep, and you take it very seriously. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. And we've been told, as all native people that are still connected, no, and you can easily as a descendant of native ancestors, you can easily find out about it. And there's nothing wrong with each of them. "It varied, but they did check on us on a regular basis. Really? Martnez made his major league debut with the Cardinals on September 6, 2016, after 887 games in ten minor league seasons. So thanks again for your time. Notice the canoes still tipped over when he reaches the shoreline. Um, I lost my train of thought there for a second. And and are there are efforts that are actually, I guess, working to do that? Yeah, I wonder, I wonder myself stuff. The basic premise is that Oak Island contains treasure. Or maybe you you're a really excellent guy putting together the information of just the sign that you see. Bushcraft knife 2. Another judge even designed one of the deadliest combat knives on the planet. It's just not black and white. From watching the teaser of Bigfoot Captured, he got an inkling that there was some dramatic liberty taken creating a what-if scenario. He added that the drone scene did catch a bi-ped on video: one of the production assistants. And the kid probably saved my life a German fighter, he would like it. Cool. And they they said the bomb right in front of the headquarters of the police station there. But you know that the people that are now in their 80s and were in their 70s, when I arrived here, they, some of them had really so grew up, literally out on trap lines, not seeing town for years, sometimes, and he just can't compare the level of of how much in touch they were with nature without even knowing it. So being Native, what are our native traditions? You can communicate. To him, it was just lines, lines drawn there. That's the tragedy for me that elders die. You know what, I can't even tell you how many times people have asked me about my past or, you know, my previous experiences, and they saw I was bullshitting them. You could look at it as a subconscious mind type of thing. Also, the item they wish to sell has been examined and cleaned up. But I would like to make some more as a business and see if that works. That's why I don't I don't support the just a nature viewing paradigm just this national practicing, where take only pictures or leave only what they say, yeah, some silly thing like that. I mean, what kind of, you know, what kind of combat are we talking? And, you know, when I was little, the idea was that we were the evil people that displace that Neanderthals and kill them off, because we overlapped with Neanderthals for 5000 years. WHY? I had, I had a very rational mind, I'm kind of borderline on the autistic spectrum, I think. I'd have to take five minutes to write them down, I guess and then and then count them as far as living like long longer term living. And yeah, they they knew they knew and this kind of being in touch, not just with nature, but with a tribe. I mean, how long have you been in the Yukon and where you're at now? But then the reality of it is that was in the year. If I didn't have that balancing philosophy to guide me, which was martial arts for me. I was also in that camp until the 50-day-mark before quiet Dave started slowly moving away. Well, there's just no way to teach it. These guys didn't have labs. They use documents, witness accounts, and other research. When Forged in Fire was first conceived, it was proposed the contestants would compete to make kitchen cutlery, but producers felt that was too boring and decided on weapons. Thanks for having me. My, my sister saw him for the first time when she can already speak. So people even my parents did not speak a word of German and they did not speak English. And I'd seen a couple of pictures online on your on your Facebook page that look like the consequences of a medieval full contact fighting. Yeah, you know that the teaching has been close to zero for quite a while now. Reality TV Stars Who Tragically Died During . Which reality shows are real and which are fake these days? And why is that so interesting to you and can you share maybe what you know what that ancestry looks like and what you've learned about your family? And I'm wandering, some people will take issue that this is what I lived in what I've seen. I think it's to the ideas to be beneficial and help life here and whatever else. As thrilling and pulse-rasing the entire format is, viewers have been skeptical of the dramatic moments that they see on their screens. While he didn't go into specifics, Heinze asserted it was a "coach's decision . For now?