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A ton of Anaphrodisiac. Have a good day. I'm thinking about being able to spend skill-points to upgrade your character stats. First i like to say that i really like your game and i'm just give my two sensein what i would like to see changed to help your game. As their kidnapper drives them mad, the truth about their horrific abduction is revealed. I can definitely see them being a bit too strong, however. I'm updating the game right now, and a new version of the game will probably be up in a couple of hours or tommorrow at worst.I got some homework and assignments to do for school too, so I hope I can find the time to do both. I am just too exited, because I liked this game the moment I looked through the screenshots. The postal code that has a 4 in the middle goes next. The game doesn't save? Captivity is an adult, erotic action game in which you need to fight waves of sexually driven enemies. ThankI've passed it once, and the game has many weeks and endings, because I didn't completely unlock CG in the same time. Now I tried 4 stages so far and stage 1 was fine butafter that it was really hard to do anything after like round 5 either due to the orcs blow darts/traps, the really small maggots/fly bullshit or the metroids like/ fast as fuck dudes that can down you in 4 hits plus the face hugger that i tried to find a way to get off me for like 10 mins before just being over run by everything else. Tell me what you think of the difficulty now. It is fine downloading it and extracting it (even did a file insight and Norton said "seems legit") but actually attempting to start it triggers Norton to quarantine it. Hmm that doesn't sound too good. And yes, this is the first H-game I've released. There was a nasty bug that caused loading issues, which was fixed in v1.0.3. For players who just want to get on with the main story of Stray as quickly as possible, the Chapter 3 door code is 3748. I hope they realise I'm broke and are able to buy the game on here. Conan Exiles. Captivity Game. The game is 2.5 days old and people are already so excited. i thought it was a free game but from the photos i can see it's a quality game i think. Haven't tried caves yet though, that's the real test, and I see you've got a fair amount of critique there already, as well as a fair amount of suggestions overall. There is no ending, it's pretty dissapointing really. stage really blows it out of the water with what the enemies do. But there are many cases where she (and they) will simply be captured and given an opportunity to escape or be rescued. Maybe there's been a patch since I've posted this that fixed the issue I find with it. And I do owe you people a little bit, as this game is charging you atleast 3 dollars. Maybe this is a bit annoying, cause drugs tend to get expensive the more powerful they are. But there's a good chance I will add more of them in future stages. I'm not sure when I will make a MacOS build. I will add this feature soon! The same fetish can't drop twice.That Head Humper bug is garbage, I'm getting on it right away. I love where this is going, still needs some balancing here and there but overall this initial release offers more content than many other games that have been around for way longer without smelling greed too much. if you need more hands on deck, I am a bored programmer who also knows how to do pixel art and has 0 ideas for a game, but always wanted to work on one. Probably 'Esc' to skip or something.Thanks for your comment! dude just, wow. As the name indicates it, "captivity_catkin_ws" is a catkin workspace that has all the code for the main server, this should run on a laptop with ROS installed. It's the most recent stage I've made as well, so things I had learned through the progress of developing this game is applied to that stage. controls feel a bit stiff. That sucks. (or harder for masochist())-I also have a few Stage/Enemy ideasI noticed that no enemies are normal Humans closest would be Zombies or maybe the Futabots. Top cover girl and fashion model, Jennifer Tree has it all - beauty, fame, money and power. you just did, lmao. A girl has been. I'm just gonna make it quicker.I'm thinking of nerfing a bunch of enemies, mainly:- Flies: I think I'm gonna reduce Strength drain and Libido increase on sex. and yeah, the difficulty is much better, you do good work man, id love to see more of it in the future, It won't load the game for me or access options at all :( I don't know what's up. I am just so exited, but I want some narrative. (ability on the left like mind control has a bar like health which when full increases the abilitys level which increases the effect)Some rough ideasRioters : (2020 vibes please don't take it politically)Defendinga Police station against Angry and Horny Rioters (adding a Police or SWAT Outfit? Maybe I'll add more full nelson in the future. This sounds like an itch.io thing, I don't think I can help you. So this is just a note to say you've had a commendable early start on this, and I look forward to seeing what else you do with it. I def bought this and have been seeing large improvements and am eagerly waiting for more. But I love this game, and judging by the comments others like it too. Reaching wave 17 in Jungle is pretty good dude, I don't think you need more damage.Fetishes (idols) have a completely random chance to drop per kill. Normal mode is the mode that the game always used to be, so nothing changes until you switch to either Casual or Hard difficulty. Balance update is coming again soon, adressing Maggots, generator price and some other things. Wait, is Perveloper not the one who posted on F95? Unlocking more monsters the further from spawn you go. I think most people just want to play a fun game and play with their private parts enjoy the graphics and animations.You don't like the thrusting sounds of the futa bots? Adding a stronger version will probably be overpowered and makes the game go on for way too long.The enemy counter is a pretty good idea. Subscribe? - No more weapon loss: You can lose your gun when getting fucked by certain enemies, like Flies and Abbys, but also by special attacks, like energy blasts from Sqoids. But I wonder whether most people are interested in completely customizing their player experience or not. Not really in a level, but the door he's referring to is a keypad-locked door to the far right side of the room you wake up in when you start the game. Also, Space Station stage is quite linear with no vertical platforming. Do you have buy me a coffee Account, Parteaon. Space Station wave 21 just stay near the start or the very back room is what help on that without to much moving around. Gather new powers, experiment with a ton of different combinations, fight evil enemies and unravel the secret story, all while playing with a friend! Till we talk again my friend have a very happy day :). If that's so, follow this guide: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/make-norton-permanently-ignore-file-68725.html. I'm happy to hear you like the enemies. It could be neat if they would be manually triggered by the player either by a large cash sacrifice or by doing certain things like the statue in the jungle stage or like how Jackies appear when you open the backroom of the F.E.R., or just spawn every certain number of waves. now I'm on to lab x-18 however I've reached the door after finding the code for it off the dead scientist but it doesn't work. Updated Captivity to v1.0.4 November 19, 2020 by Perveloper 6 #patch Added difficulty option. I just have to figure out how to do it properly. I need money I'm broke lol. I'm glad to hear you have an interest in more hypnosis content for your game, and the option for futanari as a wardrobe option is a good idea. Game is coming up as a High Risk Norton Virus, anyone else have this issue? I also advocate for more beast content, the knot status is prett hot stuff and hope we'll see more in the future). Hmm interesting thought regarding the damage boost, I'll think about it.Thanks for your feedback. However, I am quite sure I want to add more pregnancy stuff in future stages. Maybe add built-in cheats and a gallery ? And were you perhaps able to solve it by dashing? The enemies have great variation, and each has animations that fit their overall theme just right, which makes for fighiting through the enemies to find new ones a really enjoyable experience. You're the second person to comment that. --Controls: Move your character with the WASD keys. Embed Buttons To promote Captivity and grow its popularity ( top games ), use the embed code provided on your homepage, blog, forums and elsewhere you desire. I think most people want new stages, and I don't blame them. Freely used 3D models by Kenny or Google Poly. The remaining 66% of my motivation is to develop a good, fun game.But I see what you mean. Thats very weird. That could definitely help your avid wanking. captivity game door code. I was thinking in a similar direction. just loading. Most people will understand if you need break due to anything life related and won't be mad. Please make sure you're playing the newest version as well, to the point where it honestly feels broken. A solution would be to use a different type of mini-game that doesn't require finger dexterity. I think that having somearmor/ more HP/ being able to get enemies off you quicker/ maybe take away STR all together,should be the first things to fix because i don't know about you but most people just can't spam the buttons that quickly without like 30% of your STR. The main server was also running a GUI that enabled the "game master" to see everything happening in the rooms as well as control any actuator remotely. : Does the saving work, but just reset when closing and starting the game? Thank you, and also the game is fantastic. I wouldn't get rid of it but maybe make it happens at the end of the round and birth all at once justwithout the timer counting down? It would involve too much programming work and animation changes. To be frank though, the current variety is already great. - Drug vendor consistency: Drugs are randomly inserted into Drug Vendors each end of the wave. Comments 13 to 1 of 297 - Captivity (18+) by Perveloper. But building entire levels that look good and make sense is beyond me. The idea came from the popular horror game "5 nights at freddy's". I moved it to the desktop and still nothing, should I move that file anywhere? Oh, thanks, I thought progress will being reset. More content soon! Difficulty option sounds good. I did found out how to get the head humper off which makes sense now but the egg laying/ birthing can be a bit annoying in the middle of a fight. Wow, thank you for the kind words! do timmy's parents care about him; captivity game door code. But it's kinda too late for that now.Thanks for your feedback! Hmm.. The repository is divided into 2 directories, the "captivity_catkin_ws" folder and the "ESP" folder. Adding multiple body types is possible, I will look into that one day. I'm so happy to see you're enjoying it and/or are engaged in this game so much.And my study is going fine, don't worry about it ;)Till we talk again, later friend! I think it will fit nicely with the game, especially on stages like Space Station. so far is fun even if some waves seems quite hard. First off: Thank you for playing my game and I really like to hear you are enjoying it!You make pretty good points and have interesting ideas.You're the second person who commented that the game is basically a bit too hard. where the player can choose mobs and their number for each wave, different free guns, infinite parameters (heart, pleasure tc)). Reaching anything higher than 20 means you're pretty fricking good at the game (Good job!). I already knew that people wanted this feature, but it seems like alot of people really want this. But don't be too afraid, I care about the quality of my projects. Maybe fingering the player from down below or something. Cunnilingus to the spider Queen, of course, is available, but this is a bit not what I want. You're not rude at all. However, there is a lack of gallery or sandbox mode/map (e.g. I'm not actually a big fan of the SETTING of the last stage (not great, but tollerateable for me) but it's definitely the best in terms of gameplay. Can you give me some details? Release: October 19, 2016. I read through some of the earlier comments and I can't believe this is your first game! I hope this dosnt come off as rude but I think it would make more sense if the futa robots didnt make a metal sound when they rape you, makes it seem like its metal on metal, also will there more futa content in the future? Thanks for reporting! I personally have 3 or 4 level Ideas that I would like to make. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. Probably due to futa-robots Well. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. Did you complete every single challenge already? Maybe in the future.It's good to know you're an elite, super assassin gamer. I'm gonna think about it and see if it can work. When the AI bugged out at the Space Station, did this occur right after being fucked by one of the enemies? Since there are a lot of possibilities. A mind flayer would be just perfect. Adding a random element to it may be a bit too much. I think most of the suggestions and criticisms have already been said to death, maggots are unreasonably small & difficult to see, the cave in general is in need of balance, the jungle map is a bit big, etc etc. I like the metal sound of the thrusting. Try your desktop.The problem is that for some reason the game can't connect to your save file (Captivity_Data\StreamingAssets\xGameDB.db). Thats very weird. I can see how the game is overwhelming when being attacked by all the different types of enemies on each stage (Jungle stage and Cave stage are by far the most difficult ones, I lose quite often on those stages as well).Here's my ideas to make the game a bit more easy and less frustrating (based on your ideas as well as my own): - Strength is getting buffed: This means you can more easily escape sex with the amount of Strength you have. A brothel mostly female enemy for some lesbian time. Players can find this out for . It's randomly generated for every player. As for animal stuff, I don't have any plans at the moment. This is not a multiplayer game so it's fine.Thanks for your input! and if so can i have it/ had a hint where it is? Phew. The server was also made in a way that it is easy to implement a .json file with instructions to automated the whole game. Wish I didn't have to repurchase the game every time I wanted to try a new update. I've been thinking of adding some sort of Gallery mode, but I've worked on this game for a while now and I just wanted to release it now. So there are some shortcuts I had to take that made sense in the moment. Right now I'm studying too so I don't have allthetimetoworkonCaptivity. Spotlight - New Version CheatBook DataBase 2023: Cheatbook-Database 2023 is a freeware cheat code tracker that makes hints, Tricks, Tips and cheats (for PC, Walkthroughs, XBox, Playstation 1 and 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Sega, Nintendo 64, Wii U, DVD, Game Boy Advance, iPhone, Game Boy Color, N-Gage, Nintendo DS, PSP, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Xbox 360, Super Nintendo) easily accessible from . Also maybe being able to upgrade a weapon's power for like double what it cost or something. (P.S. There have been a lot of good recommendations and compliments in the comments so far so I don't have a ton to add, but I don't think anyone mentioned the idea of bosses. Although I do agree it would fit nicely with this game.I already added a difficulty option in v1.0.4. CAPTIVITY. https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Application-persistentDataPath.html, https://steamcommunity.com/app/255710/discussions/0/135511027320265206/, https://forum.unity.com/threads/no-audio-in-unity-games.532872/, https://forum.airportceo.com/t/solved-no-audio-sound-anymore/10852, https://smallbusiness.chron.com/make-norton-permanently-ignore-file-68725.html. This meant that all these modules had to be controlled/sensed and then processed by a microcontroller (esp8266/ esp32). The challenge in the distance between vendors and limited time is so you need to prioritise and choose what's the best option: Should you refill ammo or perhaps find a better gun at the Weapons Vendor, or is it smarter to refill your health so you don't get gangbanged again?As for the experiments that ask you to have sex with enemies: Buy Anaphrodisiac. Never think that you have to work on something like this or people will be disappointed/ mad at you if you don't update or something. The only special directories that are not for an ESP are: the names of these directories are pretty explanatory by themselves and the ESP folder has its own README. it keeps saying my Area Code is not right. Did you get the e-mails? I will do my best to create new content, and probably create more than 2 stages. I think I will remove this random element and just present all the drugs every time you enter the Drug Vendor, but limiting it so that you can only buy 1 of each drug every wave. Sothat30$per monthwouldn'tchange much regarding development speed. Captivity View source Most of the time, if Suki (and her allies) are defeated, the game will end. All these enemies have such a potential for an adventure platformer that it makes me sad. I think the game is too difficult for alot of people too. Cheat mode sounds good. Platform: PC. No, I don't think Death Hound pregnancy will work too well. Thanks for your input! Malerouille (144) Puzzle Daggan (+18) $10 A furry game where you build a village, play sexy games and fight bad guys. (generally would like some Bondage in the game)2. I can't keep up with all the cool stuff you guys are coming up with. Wait, you already got to the ending? Thanks for the suggestion I'll think about it! Genre: Survival. I'm not sure if you're aware, but a lot of discussion about this game has been going on in the F95zone forums, just in case you didn't know or something. With a wave-based game like this it's perfectly fine without bosses, but it can add a sense of buildup and progression, as well as a fifth enemy for stages. Notice that in the experiments tab the final experiment of stage scores is always 20 (Shack Expert, Cave Expert etc). But gameplay is more important. 2BILLIONVISITSRedeem for a revive and 100 Knobs (New) SCREECHSUCKSClaim this code for 25 Knobs Roblox DOORS Codes (Expired) These codes are no longer valid for Roblox DOORS. Developer/Publisher: New Worlds Games. This problem is fixed from v1.0.3 on. If I were to count all the good ideas and changes everyone has suggested here, it's probably going to turn into a list of a 100 things to do. Oh, that's not good. Shen Mingrui, known as a domineering man, like Mo Shao Nan, he is also good at socializing, as long as he crooks his finger, women will come to him voluntarily. I'm glad to see you like this game! It takes a good bit of time to design, draw, animate, program and build an entire stage with it's enemies. Enter the code into the . Maybe something like having infinite hearts. That's why Patreon is a bad idea I think. i have lived in my area for almost my whole life lol. The flamethrower on stage 4 is nice but the range is a bit short for it to help with the stun attack from the metroids like enemy that can shoot from far away. Could be a typo too. not gonna lie bruv, this is fucking amazing, its everything i want in a porn game. Sidenote: any plans for more bestiality outside of the zombie hounds? These codes are rewards given out by the developer that can be redeemed for Knobs and Revives in the gam e, both important currencies that can be useful to help your character on its DOORs journey. Thanks for reporting the bug! lol the music even turned off now. Just kidding, your comment got me reading up on persistentDataPath. I like the idea of Flies being annoyingly fast and quick to 'hump' the player. I am not sure if I am the firs to suggest it. I tried to implement this but it's more difficult than it may seem. In Captivity you will: run, dodge, climb, shoot, kill, find and buy guns, inject yourself with drugs and expose yourself to hostile enemies to survive and complete challenges. Game 64,552 Vie You can run each package with the following commands: This directory contains all the ESP code. If the game can't save properly it should probably crash. Jungle wave 17 That poison man is so hard to dodge and the traps are bull to if your trying to kill the big orc at the same time. Check the Data tab to see each enemy and their special attacks.- Maggots: same story as Flies. Captivity - PCGamingWiki PCGW - bugs, fixes, crashes, mods, guides and improvements for every PC game Anonymous edits have been disabled on the wiki. Any criticisms imo are heavily outweighed by how well done everything else is. Continue reading Updated Captivity to v1.0.3 November 19, 2020 by Perveloper 3 gone after 1 guy and after the first 30% is gone it like 40% the next time which you fuck after that no matter what. I wish you an easy work with updates, good health and hapiness! Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. But what? I won't spoil what's on the other side of it, but I'll just say you're not really missing anything. Take your time, don't worry. I'm gonna think about this one and see if it won't cause problems/be overpowered.The wake up animation after returning to the bunker is maybe too long. Captivity is a project to create an interactive room/gaming environment. I'm sorry you can't stand flies lol. It's the one with the computer and wardrobe. Press the TAB key to open your inventory. I understand not having money, hopefully this game keeps gaining traction. It's definitely in my todo-list right now, so stay tuned.I don't care too much about the cheat engine stuff. I of course don't know how you made every thing but, Currently enemies have only one h-animation if it would be easy to add more than one you could see a Gangbang animation just as another animation where you check if gangbang compatible enemy is nearby and then chose this animation instant of the normal one. The game looks very interesting.. if you ever decide to compile for linux I'll be happy to test it.. apart from that: keep the good work up! Are you sure you want to create this branch? I've published 1 app ever for an Apple device, and I remember it being quite a hassle. Her face appears on covers of hundreds of magazines. (Similar to the fingering sound)I think the first half of the Zombie grabber animation a bit to long it would be nice if he would bite you only halfassoften but does twice the damage not to hard just a bit to longSmall unity questions.Is there a reason why you save your progress in the game files and not somewhere on the system so that you don't need to replace the file on every update, like Application.persistentDataPathnot an expert hope I am not missing something.https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Application-persistentDataPath.html, And for real that's your first game I am stunned, can't wait to see what stuff you will make with even more Experiencein some years. I'm glad that me playing around with differentstuff is helping a lot but do remember that i'm a gamer that has played a lot of hard stuff and i got pretty good at dodging and reloading at the same time as well as finding out how to dodge each enemy hit box more or less by killing most of the enemies then just trying to dodge the different attacks at different times till i got good enough to more or less do it in the middle of a heated battle. Kind words are very helpful and motivating to do more stuff for this game. There's one nelson animation in the game done by Jacky in an upside down fashion. Input the code! I still have to use a macro to get out of grapple for some enemies. Some commendably quick balancing there, had trouble getting to wave 10 on Shack previously, but Casual, I quit after 21? As for all stages in general: you're only really supposed to reach wave 20. High heels are a bit difficult to implement, considering they player skeleton needs to change in height, maybe in the future. Nice game, actually interesting and fun to play while also maintaining decent H content. Great game, payed a little extra after messing around with it. was worth every penny and then some ;)there is a bug with the fly sound effect on cave, no matter which slider you turn to 0, so long as the master volume is above 0, the sound can be heard. Does this mean you can't play the game? Let Jackys scare you 6 times in a single game without a broken mind. Are you sure you also reached the minimum required wave number? I'll try with both a fresh unzip and as admin, When ever I click on options it's just a blank screen with the same background as before, credits seems to be the only thing workin. I've noticed some pretty good H-games stuck in development for like 2 years, with Patreon pages still being up. The source code is located in "scripts" and is separated into 2 packages: Visualizer and Controls. Also have a button to skip the much longer sex scenes if you can't escape at the cost of 1 heart or something as some people will want to get back to thefight then have to wait every time.