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These later rifles were delivered to the US military already modified to be sniper rifles, including a heavy barrel and accurized stock. Carlos Hathcock, in Vietnam (left) and receiving the Silver Star (right). When I first saw the pic I assumed it was a short action. He used an M2 .50 Cal Browning machine gun mounted with a telescopic sight at a range of 2,500yd (2,286m), killing a Vietcong guerrilla. STOCK: Walnut FINISH: Blued barrel and action, oil-finished stock LENGTH OF PULL: 13.8 in. A 1951 U.S. Marine Corps report on the subject categorically rejected the procurement of any new Model 70 sniper rifles: There is no Marine Corps requirement for a special rifle for use by snipers in the Marine Corps. The M-25 White Feather is a tribute to Carlos Hathcock who accounted for 93 confirmed enemy kills in Vietnam. He fell into a state of depression when he was forced out of the Marines because he felt as if the service had kicked him out. [32], Hathcock provided sniper instruction to police departments and select military units, such as SEAL Team Six. This is an original military issue Remington M40 sniper rifle brought back from Vietnam by a Marine officer, who later had it signed by Carlos "White Feather" Hathcock in 1992 at a Former Marine Association event. The Riflemans Rifle, fitted with an 8X Unertl, was used by the military in long-range competition, then eventually by Marines in Vietnam. The US government eventually purchased additional model 70s andofficially sanctioned them for combat duty. The fact that the guys using this rifle shot at distances exceeding 800 yards (1000+) on human sized targets, is a great accomplishment in itself. His parents separated so he grew up with his grandmother in Geyer Springs, Pulaski County. 134,606 views Dec 6, 2020 Winchester Model 70 (.30-06) rifle review in Hindi. He was honored by having a rifle named after him: a variant of the M21 dubbed the Springfield Armory M25 White Feather, for the nickname "White Feather" given to Hathcock by the North Vietnamese People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN). . On May 20th, 1959, at 17 years of age, Carlos N. Hathcock II fulfilled his childhood dream by enlisting in the United States Marine Corps. While the causes and conduct of that war remain a subject of great debate, an interesting aspect of the conflict is the use of the Winchester Model 70 as a precision rifle by the US forces, especially by the US Marine Corps snipers. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING VETERAN JOURNALISM - JOIN SOFREP+ , PO Box 1077 MURFREESBORO, Tennessee 37133 United States, P.O. Your browser is out of date and may not be able to properly display our website. I think the GSgt used the 10x but the 20x looks just like it. Excellent. Hathcock's career as a sniper has been used as a basis for a variety of fictional snipers, from the "shooting through the scope incident" to the number of kills he made. Hathcock pulled seven Marines from the flame-engulfed vehicle, suffering severe burns (some third-degree) to his face, arms, and legs, before someone pulled him away and placed him in water because he was unaware of how badly he had been burnt. Hathcock put a round in her with his bolt-action Winchester Model 70 30.06 (7.62mm) rifle and she collapsed on the ground. Carlos Hathcock, used the rifle with remarkable effectiveness. Carlos Norman Hathcock II (20 May 1942 - 23 February 1999) was a United States Marine Corps sniper with a service record of 93 confirmed kills. Unless you plan to go humping through the boonies, the fragile nature of the old optic is not much of an issue. The stock is nicely figured American walnut with checkered forearm and pistol grip and has the Winchester semi-gloss varnish finish. There was no real reason to stay with Winchester because the Model 70s used by the Marines were not the latest production models anyway, and no advantage would be gained as far as standardization of equipment was concerned. By the late 1960s, the Winchester Model 70 sniper rifles were in the process of being phased out by the new Remington Model 700s. Pre-'64 Winchester Model 70 Specs MANUFACTURER: Winchester Repeating Arms TYPE: Bolt-action repeater CALIBER: .270 Winchester MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 5 rounds BARREL: 24 in. Although the model 70 was never officially approved for combat service during WWII, a number of Model 70s made their way into combat with USMC snipers. Thats perfect! Carlos Hathcock accepting the Wimbledon Cup after winning the NRA National Matches. Douglas still produces the same barrel they supplied to the Marines in the early 1940s, which makes easy work of getting one key aspect of this build exactlyright. FollowingWWII, popularity of the model 70 with Marine Corps snipers grew, eventually drawing the attention of other snipers from other branches of the military as well. 134,606 views Dec 6, 2020 Winchester Model 70 (.30-06) rifle review in Hindi. Hathcock's record and the extraordinary details of the missions he undertook made him a legend in the U.S. Marine Corps. He hunted at that early age with a .22-caliber J. C. Higgins single-shot rifle. While the Colt Model 601 was the first AR-15 to be mass-produced, there were several design variations that came before during the platform's development. A sniper from the 1st Cavalry Division is shown in March 1951 with an M1D Garand, complete with an M81 or M82 riflescope in a Griffin & Howe mount. As events transpired, the Model 70s pressed into service as sniping arms, especially during the Vietnam War, were really never meant to be more than a stop-gap or interim measure until a standardized sniper rifle could be procured. It was missing a bolt part and the National Guard had designated it for "decommissioning" (a.k.a destruction). USMC Sniper Rifles: Hands On History. Carlos Hathcock's sniper rifle! The barrel, receiver, bolt handle, cocking piece trigger guard, and buttplate have the Winchester charcoal blue finish. [45] On March 9, 2007, the rifle and pistol complex at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar was officially renamed the Carlos Hathcock Range Complex.[46]. If one was to follow the change of power procedures described above, it gives an incredible latitude to the scopes use. May also want to read this American Rifleman article: Thank you! On some occasions, however, he used a different weapon: the M2 Browning machine gun, on which he mounted an 8X Unertl scope, using a bracket made by metalworkers of the SeaBees . Hathcock dreamed of being a Marine throughout his childhood, and so on May 20, 1959, at the age of 17, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. A native of Little Rock, Arkansas, Gunnery Sergeant Carlos N. Hathcock II joined the Corps in 1959 at age 17. There also isn't any internal adjustments to zero. Typically enemy soldiers were paid anywhere from $8 to $2,000 for taking down an American sniper. The LR/T front focal offers an elevation range of 65-MOA and a windage range of 65-MOA. But I guess I was wrong. It is used by not only sportsmen, but military and police snipers as well. A Lyman micrometer sight base is mounted on the left side of the receiver. [15] Hathcock and John Roland Burke, his spotter, were stalking the enemy sniper in the jungle near Hill 55, the firebase from which Hathcock was operating, southwest of Da Nang. I did all the other work. Carlos Hathcock with his Winchester Model 70 rifle. Not what he was able to get the Marine Corps to adopt. I had a chance to take a trip back in time recently and shot the Winchester Model 70 .30-06 using an 8-powerUnertl scope, the same set up that the famous Carlos Hathcock used while he was in Vietnam. In November 1965, USMC Gy/Sgt. Again, I would presume the heavy profile (slightly bigger than a varmint profile) was used as a compromise between multiple-round accuracy in the heat and weight, as seen in these pictures. I was out yesterday trying to test a few loads at 400 yards but the wind quickly picked up to about 30 gusting 40mph and it was quickly becoming a waste of powder. During his second combat tour in South Vietnam Hathcock braved a wall of flaming fuel to save seven fellow Marines from a burning AMTRAC, suffering severe burns himself during the rescue. Hathcock used for much of his time in Vietnam. This shot covered a distance of 2500 yards. The value of these rifles mean that even if we did own one, we'd probably be reluctant to shoot it. Thus, the Model 70 remained in the militarys inventory, albeit as a match rifle, until the escalation of the war in Vietnam, which resulted in a renewed emphasis on accurate sniper rifles. The 1047 rifles, U.S., caliber .30, M1903, Snipers Equipment on hand at this Depot are believed to be superior to the subject rifle both in accuracy and durability .. Includes 10 round box magazine standard plus extra 5 round magazine, and hard case. One of the perennially popular Winchester firearms of the 20th century is the Model 70 bolt-action rifle. Hathcock was one of several individuals to utilize the M2 Browning machine gun in the sniping role. Carlos Hathcock usually used a Winchester Model 70 in .30 .06. Hathcock was soon a member of the USMC rifle team, and in 1965 he won the Wimbledon Cup, a 1000-yard individual match fired at the National Matches in Camp Perry, Ohio. Weaponry. During this depression, his wife Jo nearly left him but decided to stay. [23][22] He missed the Marine Corps, however, and returned to Vietnam in 1969, where he took command of a platoon of snipers.[10]. "[35], Hathcock's son, Carlos Hathcock III, later enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps;[36] he retired from the Marine Corps as a Gunnery Sergeant after following in his father's footsteps as a shooter and became a member of the Board of Governors of the Marine Corps Distinguished Shooters Association.[37]. The sniper system shoots the M72 match ammunition loaded with 173-grain boat-tailed bullets (.30-06). And it was as a sniper rifle the Model 70 ultimately earned its stripes. Keep an eye on the CMP Auction Site. The Model 70 was largely based on the Model 54, and is today still highly regarded by shooters and is often called "The Rifleman's Rifle".In 1999 Shooting Times magazine named the Model 70 the "Bolt-action Rifle of the Century". NRA photo. Buffalo,. His longest confirmed kill was 2500 yards. As a sniper of a modern era, I am truly amazed at what the guys were able to do using what they had at the time. This was confirmed in McGuires article: The rifle team of the 3rd Marine Division had been using the Model 70 with the heavy barrel and the heavy Marksman stock. Carlos Hathcock, the most celebrated US sniper in history, preferred the model 70 over a host of other rifles at his disposal, using it extensively in combat during the Vietnam war, and in Wimbledon matches at Camp Perry in the years that followed. The Winchester Model 70 is a bolt-action sporting/hunting rifle. These rifles are not considered suitable for use as sniper rifles. His previous skill as a marksman had won him a variety of matches and trophies at places like Camp Perry in Ohio. ][21][22] He was not informed of the details of the mission until he accepted it. [34] After the war, a friend showed Hathcock a passage written by Ernest Hemingway: "Certainly there is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and like it, never really care for anything else thereafter." They were intended primarily as match rifles and were not procured for use as sniper rifles. Which honestly looking at the barrels, I think he was probably likely telling the truth. The matte black LR/T weighs 19.5 ounces and is 13.5 inches in overall length. After World War II, George Van Orden, who had authored the Marine Corps Equipment Board report in 1941 recommending adoption of the Model 70 as a sniper rifle, started a firearms business named Evaluators, Ltd. Van Orden (who had subsequently been promoted to colonel and, later, brigadier general), eventually concentrated on marketing the Van Orden Sniper, which was a Winchester Model 70 customized to the specifications of his customers.Van Orden was successful in selling the arms to many clients, including the U.S. Coast Guard, which purchased 10 of the rifles in June 1954. [7][8][9] After a platoon of Vietnamese snipers was sent to hunt down "White Feather", many Marines in the same area donned white feathers to deceive the enemy. Gunny Hathcock's venerable Winchester could certainly tell a tale or two. What should the discerning collector look for in a potential buy? The Model 70. Some of the snipers now in Vietnam were not yet born when the telescopic sights they use were employed in a different war. From the 1970's, illustrating the Monte Carlo style stocks used in this era.