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Finally, Ling and Mark serve a meal that represents her Chinese heritage and his English roots - a food type they like to call Chinglish. Day two sees competitive duo Donna and Simon attempt a traditional dinner party, but the food is anything but classic, leaving their chances of bagging the grand hanging by a thread. In East London, partners Stephen and Andrew kick off with a cosy menu inspired by their love of all things homely but the pressure in the kitchen gets to them, and the food fails to impress comedian Kate and her PA/boyfriend James, and glamorous Essex duo Rob and Abi. We're continuously trying to improve TheTVDB, and the best way we can do that is to get feedback from you. Sarah Donohue Three couples from Leeds compete to host the best dinner party, beginning with construction manager Martin and his wife Amanda, who are determined to win. Day two sees local girl Michelle and her southerner wife Charlotte put on an Asian themed evening. Exhibitionist Phil showcases his credentials as the BBQ king of Stoke on Trent. A trio of couples try to outdo each other in Aberdeen, coming up with an Ibizan fiesta, an evening of posh nosh and dinner party classics and a vegetarian-influenced menu. And someone's dessert almost goes up in flames! Fun-loving young couple Amy and Matt kick off the competition with a chaotic performance in the kitchen. In Cheshire, bossy Faye and husband Chris get things underway with a menu of home favourites. The kitchen is Millie's domain and she channels her family roots for the Greek Cypriot menu. In south east London, Ben and Alicia kick the week off with food inspired by some of their favourite places. Ollie and his girlfriend Deb think their holiday inspired menu has what it takes to win. With an international mix of cuisines up for critique this week, which one will take the 1000 cash prize? But will the food match the surroundings and net them the grand? In this episode from Stoke, quirky young lovebirds Patrick and Lizzie host their first ever dinner party with an 'eclectic' menu. Oxfordshire: Sherry and Phil serve a traditional menu with a twist. Amateur dramatics enthusiasts Ryan and Kitty kick off proceedings in Liverpool, followed by hairdresser Karen and builder Alun, and Birkenhead couple Tony and Debby. In Hampshire, James and Victoria have chosen a menu themed around their favourite holiday destination of Spain. . Karl and Mukta serve an Indian menu, while Karl reveals a love for birds and one of the party's past as a strippergram comes to light. Their guests are fake tan lover Kev and his fiance Victoria, and property professionals Les and Vicky. With some of the highest divorce rates in the country, three Essex couples hope to last the distance - or at least till the end of this competition - This episode comes from in and around Glasgow, where Mandi and Ally kick off the competition with some family favourites, starting with some Scottish charcuterie. Day two is the turn of happy campers, Oli and LC, who cook a fully vegetarian menu, and welcome their guests for drinks in a specially erected festival tent. In north London, Helen and her outspoken boyfriend David, Vicky and her partner Geoff, and Sara and her husband Thierry compete in a week featuring the fashions and food of the 1980s. Blackpool and Preston 5/5: Health assistant Lisa banks on her no-faff menu to bag the cash. According to Lisa, Howard is so laid back he's almost dead! Couples Come Dine with Me It's double the fun, as couples come together to host dinner parties in an exciting twist for the popular competitive dining show Sign in to play Wed 12 Feb 2020:. In Bristol, guests are treated to a night of conversation about romantic meetings, outrageous shirts and naked gardening. Be the first to contribute. Then there're caravan enthusiasts Jane and Colin and 24-hour party people Rachel and Dave. And will Nigel and Yvonne stop singing? . On the first night in Brighton, party-loving Pete and Jason's home-made-from-scratch Italian menu impresses Debbie but not her partner Richard, although they both enjoy a rare night out together. But with their prawns still frozen, it's not a journey everyone wants to go on. In Berkshire, beauty therapist Emma and boyfriend Sean kick off the week with an OMG night of acronyms, pet names and fine food. Ellis and Andy try to impress with an oriental theme, Jon and Chris lay on a Mediterranean menu, and Gladys and Stephen show their passion for travel with a global feast. Boat-dwellers Steven and Lisa kick off in East Anglia with a Sunday lunch-inspired roast dinner with a fresh fish starter. Home / / couples come dine with me blackpool holly. Despite a kitchen ding dong they put on a united front at the dinner table but they get a dose of their own medicine from one diner out for revenge. In Swansea, married couple Leanne and Senol kick off with a feast of Turkish food, which hits the spot for Paul and Verity - but Catrin and Josh dislike the hosts' meaty main course, In east Kent, dinner party veterans Mike and Helenor kick off with a sophisticated menu including wild garlic from the local churchyard and a risky bonus ingredient of sweetbread. Finally, it's the turn of Liverpudlian Ryan and boyfriend Warren to host, and they throw a Mexican feast to try and end the competition with a bang. On day two, Kelsey and Chris hope to spice up their guests' lives with a Mexican fiesta. Day two sees Michael and Jenni host. On the final day, jokey couple Marc and Lou cook up a quirky menu of egg and bacon soup and chocolate garden pots. Sam and Millie find out that the couple keep a dinner party diary dating back to 1992, having hosted over 500. Three couples in Manchester compete to throw the perfect dinner party, leading to language mishaps, a pescatarian disappointment, and a generous Italian feast. Will hubby Stuart be able to keep his cool in the kitchen? Rocky Scott Air Date: February 3, 2005 tbd S1:E18. But will they be able to impress with their French food? Day two sees a nervy Rita and Hugh try their best to up their game knowing they have some strong competition on their hands. In Plymouth, Michelle and Sean get the week off to a stylish start with their classical evening. All are great cooks and excellent hosts - but they're all very different. paul pion cantor net worth. Ghost hunter Richard and his wife Julia aim to impress with their traditional menu, which includes a homemade pate. On day two Tracey and Daryl are extremely confident their menu will win over their guests. Stable owner Alice and her boyfriend Ollie, travel specialists Gareth and Hihine, and newlyweds John and Katy compete over three evenings to throw the best dinner party. Kevin sees himself as a bit of a 'masterchef' and goes into the final night brimming with confidence that his 'foodie' menu will blow away the competition. What will Jim make of Stewart's surprising hobby? In Manchester, Gillian and her husband Steve kick things off with a simple menu, which fails to please vegetarians Holly and Richard. Their love of all things musical and dance sends dog food entrepreneur Dylan into a cold sweat, but little does he know that the entertainment Brian and Mandie have in store will get him shaking his booty. Happy-go-lucky hosts Jim and Justine kick off this competition from Portsmouth. The evening ends on a high, as Dave and Sarah turn their galley kitchen into the 'world's smallest rock club', complete with decks, smoke machine, and flashing lights. Will it prove too exotic for Tom and Bonnie? But can the stateside grub bag them that grand? Greater Manchester is the location for three couples to host a trio of dinner parties. Married couple Howard and Lisa kick off the competition as Lisa takes control in the kitchen. In the West Country, Charlotte and Miguel's Venezuelan menu competes with Pansy and Rob's sophisticated fare and alternative healing practitioners Elle and Dave's organic wheat-free feast. Can Carl and Brianha impress in Bognor Regis with an evening inspired by the glitz and glamour of the French Riviera, including lasers and an asthma-friendly smoke machine display? Where to watch. Day two is the turn of Hannah and Lucy, who hope to seal the prize with a menu that packs a punch, but it's Jacqui's provocative questioning of Simon and Edyta's relationship that steals the show. Genres. In Kent, Katie and her 6ft 7in husband Dan are up first with a menu suited to Dan's huge appetite, but their massive portion sizes prove a challenge to some of the guests. Veterinary nurse Gemma and teacher Nathan have been together for six years, and Nathan unleashes some home truths about his other half, while the other contestants uncover something about his own quirky past. They're hoping a traditional Punjabi menu will be a winner. And so to Harry and Charlotte's grand finale. Night two and it's the turn of the tribal elders Julie and Keith. Childhood sweethearts Richard and Andrea kick off with an all-Italian menu, even though their only connection with Italy is Richard's third cousin Chris who lives down the road! Night two sees Michael and Laura reliving their Ibizan wedding with a Spanish themed menu, although after his performance on night one, it's fair to say David wouldn't have made Laura's guest list given the choice! In Birmingham, Talisa and her boyfriend Luke kick off the competition with a traditional Italian menu. In Sheffield, there's non-stop bickering and an evening of romance as car salesman Paul and his partner Sara compete with newlyweds Russell and Shane and kooky duo Janine and Neil. Finally it's Sian and Tim's chance to show what they can do with the second Thai-themed menu in two days. In Brighton, Dan and his partner of 16 years Pippa are hoping a menu of family favourites will bag them the grand. The evening sees a sweaty confession from Mark, an underwhelming paella, and an arm wrestling match aimed at settling the alpha male competition once and for all. With desserts arriving by zip wire, an impromptu sing-off, and perhaps a little bit too much honesty, this contest is wide open. In Hull, image-conscious Jay and Heather kick off the competition with a menu inspired by their love of American food. Couples Come Dine with Me is back, and this episode comes from east Kent, where outspoken estate agent Sean and his girlfriend Beth kick off the competition with a Welsh themed menu. Also vying to win are Sally and Joanne who hope to impress their guests with an unusual menu that features a Tandoori Tower and a belly-busting breakfast, before competitive duo Holly and Ollie pull out all the stops in an attempt to secure the cash. First to host are Sam and Karl with an 80s inspired menu, but rock-hard bread, soggy salmon and a hairy dessert leaves a nasty taste in the mouth for the guests. Three couples cook up a feast in a bid to win the prize. But Richard is more of a hindrance than a help when it comes to the cooking. In Nottingham, Omer and his wife Adeeba, sustainable food growers Bobby and Alison, and Liz and Stuart compete in a week featuring experimental food, a compost loo and a stately home. Engaged duo Tony and Ami kick off the competition in East Sussex with an evening of raucous fun, but foodies Chris and Charlene are baffled by the cultural references, and Polish pair Izabella and Michal are left tired from chewing on Ami's rock-solid banoffee pies. In Northamptonshire, competitive Felicity and Lawrence take their guests on an around the world adventure. In Aberdeen, Nicola and her boyfriend Russell, Megan and her boyfriend Sean, and married duo Claire and Gerry compete in a week featuring leg wrestling, a shocking revelation and a goat. Night two is hosted by proud parents Sophie and Elliot, but the other couples are not expecting much from the youngest pair. . qatar to toronto flight status. Night two sees hosts Dennis and Tina bring some razzle dazzle to proceedings but former news reporter Keith and wife Jane prove hard to please. But will it be Happy Days or will the guests be All Shook Up? In Swindon, fashion-conscious Carla and Hayley, who serve up a spicy, Caribbean-themed menu, are joined by self-confessed food snob Jeanette and husband Rob, plus lovebirds Tim and Kath. Three pairs of partners from Blackpool compete to win the 1,000 prize, including former dancer Rowan and businessman John, who start the proceedings. All are great cooks and excellent hosts - but they're all very. Day two sees Nancy, who is half Portugese, and Dean, who is Jamaican, put on a dinner party that reflects their heritage Their simple salad starter and French-inspired chicken leave Kevin thinking the grand is his for the taking. The hosts mix Eastern and traditional fayre for guests Louise and Danny, and Emma and Samson. Joining them are Mitesh and Jess and Paul and Mandy. But when Tash finds a hair in her chicken, and Lee finds a greenfly in an edible pansy can Judy and Will pull their evening back? Day two sees Ange and Dave cook up recipes using only the finest ingredients - according to them. After the hosts' comments last night, both couples are expecting everything to be homemade, leading to a dramatic revelation at dessert. Can 22-year-old pair Micaela and Sanchez show their older rivals how to have a good time with a combination of Jamaican/Filipino food and hip hop dancing? Next, Ross and Hanne stake their claim to the 1,000 prize, before everyone is brought to the farm for Gail and Nigel's evening. Hoping to inspire an atmosphere of love and sharing, the hosts are surprised by just how much their guests get on board with the theme. In South Yorkshire, chatty couple Kealey and Nathan begin with an international menu. Fiona and Ian kick off the competition with a Spanish menu. They are joined by Kelly and Rob, and retiree Denise and her partner Peter. In Grimsby, straight-talking Mel and partner Patrick host guests seasoned ravers Vanessa and Steve, and lovebirds Amber and Ryan who raise eyebrows with their coordinated pink attire. The second couple are 38 year-old travel agent Joanne and her 32 year-old partner Simon, and completing the line-up are housewife Helen and banking manager Adam. A farmhouse menu competes with a Mexican feast with a twist and a Japanese menu in Gloucestershire. Also vying to win are Sally and Joanne who hope to impress their guests with an unusual menu that features a Tandoori Tower and a belly-busting breakfast, before competitive duo Holly and Ollie . The first hosts in Liverpool, Jude and her husband Malcolm, hope that a selection of their restaurant favourites will win them the prize, but as the evening pans out, Malcolm turns out to be less of a help and more of a hindrance. In and around Newcastle, Jamie and Georgi think Laura and Kevin's steak and chips is too basic, but is that just their posh palette? Finally, Rob still can't believe his luck in meeting his Lithuanian wife Egle and feels the need to regularly pinch himself whenever he looks at her. Revelations about their unconventional living arrangements prompt a few home-truths and confrontations. Super competitive husband and wife Kenny and Lisa kick things off with a meal that they think is restaurant quality - no less. In Newcastle, Sharna and Silvar are first to host with a menu of family favourites. Next up, Chris and Hilary are convinced that no one can beat their idyllic holiday park setting and their flavoursome but healthy menu. Finally, it's David and Sarah's turn to impress with a menu that represents their heritage, with dishes from Russia, Armenia and a Scottish/American dessert, Lisa and Jesue begin the contest in this episode from Cambridge and Peterborough, as they compete against bickering partners Paul and Gareth, and posh millennials Georgie and Alex. They all have their own unique styles of cooking and entertaining, but they're all determined to impress, because at the end of each evening, the guests will give their host a mark out of ten. After bearing the brunt of Graham's humour for most of the week, Alex finally outshines him in a fact-off, but like most of the week, the food is hit and miss. And will Sean's meat feast prove too much for squeamish Sophie? In Coventry, self-confessed joker Neal and his level-headed wife Hazel serve their attempt at 'restaurant standard' food. In the North East, married duo Lynne and Ian, newly-weds Jess and Connor and engaged couple Tom and Sam compete in a high-energy week featuring plate smashing and a Shirley Bassey serenade. Taking up the culinary gauntlet in the East Midlands are partners Kev and Chelsey, Jayne and Ricky, and straight-talking Louise and Mark. Danielle has a hidden talent that leaves the guests gawping. couples come dine with me blackpool holly . Finally it's the turn of teacher Bonita and ex-soldier Tony to host. Come Dine With Me takes people who are experts in the art of giving the perfect dinner party and puts their skills to the test. Can they find a formula which will impress picky Leanne? In Kent three rival couples battle it out. Lucy and Dewayne kick off the competition in Birmingham with a Brazilian-themed menu. Three couples from North London and Hertfordshire go fork to fork. Day two is the turn of competitive cooks Michael and Joanna, and the final night is hosted by laid-back couple Trudy and Anselm, who hope their casual style will win over their guests. Having had enough of her wittering on, Charlene confronts Mandi around the table and Stephen shares his first impression of meeting Judith and Charlene, while Judith treats everyone to her 'Beautiful Swan' song. The guests are expecting big things, but are surprised by the simplicity of the menu. Come Dine With Me has expanded to a variety of formats including singles, couples and celebrity specials!Content distributed by ITV Studios. Sue and Shaun kick things off in Bournemouth with a Mediterranean menu but one guest proves difficult to impress. Day three sees Petra and Sergio opt for Italian home cooked food, and the guests expect big things. Jade and Luke believe their happy hearty food is the winning ticket, and Zahra and Conall plan on perfect presentation. Twice. Narrated by David Lamb, the lively longtime host of the original "Come Dine With Me." More Details. Finally, it's Danny and Shira's chance to impress with some of their favourite comfort food. In South Wales, first time hosts fiancs Marc and Dan win over their guests with Marc's nana's egg sauce, passed down through generations, but can they grab the grand? In County Antrim, newly-weds Rebecca and Gareth, Nel and Billy, and Mandy and Jim compete in a week featuring a Mexican fiesta, risky puddings and a vegetarian who doesn't like vegetables. In Stoke-on-Trent, Rob and Rich are out to impress. Day two it's the turn of fashion conscious duo Sam and Emma, who hope to wow their guests with a glamorous themed evening, including spray-painting a beef Wellington gold. So, if one person's perfect dinner party is another person's evening from hell, how will our hosts cope with a whole week of each other's hospitality?Each night for a week, one of our hosts will throw a dinner party for the others. Joining them is Keith and his laid-back wife Maz, and foodies Dan and Les. Awkward moments continue when Luke discovers a hair in his starter. On night three Dylan and holistic canine nutritionist Emma decide to share their passion by feeding their guests food they'd be happy to serve their dogs! Day two sees refined duo Judy and Will attempt to woo their guests with a fresh healthy menu. The competition reveals a love of a bargain, some strange fascinations, and a few discoveries in the closet. In Essex, Mark and Diane bring a taste of their Mediterranean travels to their menu - by way of their very own garden, and encourage their guests to sing with them, to mixed review. They are joined by sprightly couple Shannon and Max, and loved-up partners Charlotte and Russ. Guernsey and Alderney: Sophie and Turk kick off with a locally sourced menu, but Sophie gets caught out on her shop-bought ice cream. But Sarah-Jane is worried that she'll be eating their 'pets' and pescatarian Zoe is accidentally given meat for her starter. South Wales: South African born Nigel, and his Welsh wife Nikki, kick off with dishes from Nigel's homeland, but self-confessed fine-diners Simon and Darren prove tough to impress. The cooking contest moves to Lincolnshire, with former soldier Scott and partner Clare kicking off the week, followed by Su and Dylan, and ending with ex-army couple Adele and Dave. But will it meet Jonathan and Keith's high standards? The second night sees corporate city slickers Louise and Dan attempt to forge their way into the lead with the use of spreadsheet organization, while the third night is the domain of fun loving couple Pippa and Lee. Day two sees animal-lovers Gary and Amanda serve up two courses of fish on their homely menu, but the guests are soon distracted as a fully grown house pig makes an appearance at dinner. Meanwhile, Chris and Barb, who've been married for almost 30 years, enjoy the night but don't rate Pete and Jason as any kind of rivals to their well-honed party throwing skills. crescenta valley high school tennis coach; olivia and fitz relationship timeline. There's unimpressive beef, Korean chicken on a crumpet, hot tub fanciness and a shocking revelation in Yorkshire, as indie kids Johnny and Lucy take on Claire and Matt, and Net and Bob. Finally it's David and Fletch's turn to wow with the week's second Mexican extravaganza, but after last night's dip in atmosphere, the hosts have a job to pick up the pace and cement over the cracks.