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so the outcome will be me out of pocket and most likely finding a different groomer as I really dont need this stress The only gain is Croydon again! giving feedback Whilst the signs at Parsons Mead in the article above are not at the street corner, it seems bizarre that there is no sign saying LOW TRAFFIC NEIGHBOURHOOD at the top or bottom of the signs. And once a fine was issued it was tough to get the fine cancelled. Anyone ever beaten Croydon Council in PCN dispute? When Croydon refused my appeal they stated the existing signage was Compliant but the RTA requires more than that from Councils so for them now to erect this monster of a sign must mean they had an internal debate about the signage being inadequate. Show Appeal a parking fine (Penalty Charge Notice or PCN) You can appeal a PCN online or by post, up to 14 days after it was given. Specific grounds of appeal for this contravention. Jen. We are committed to making our website accessible to all visitors. The following was said by the judge in a recent successful appeal: "This is the legal test the motorist will have to convince the court of i.e. Alternatively, there are several ways to pay a PCN. Resident in Croydon for 32 years that has used this road hundreds of times. My appeal has been rejected, so I am left with a choice pay the 65, or risk going to adjudication and being clobbered for the full 130 if I fail (which I probably would). Tell our parking enforcement team about parking violations and illegal parking. Discounts are available for early payment. I wont get my 65 back but Ill certainly stop Croydon Council from earning a few thousand pounds out of this scam and save other motorists the pain I had. Challenging a Penalty Charge Notice and making representations, How to make a challenge or formal representation, Making an independent appeal - Environment and Traffic Adjudicators (ETA), Questions about a PCN issued for a bus lane contravention, Questions about a PCN issued by post (excluding bus lanes), PCN statutory recovery process how we handle communications received, : How to make a challenge or formal representation, PO Box 1166, Wellington House, Uxbridge, UB8 9BD, make a challenge or formal representation online, Environment and Traffic Adjudicators (ETA). For example, if you receive a Croydon PCN for 60 and pay within the first 14 days, youll only have to pay 30. It can be used as a cover letter for a more official application, or as a stand . If you wish to dispute a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), please do not make payment at this stage. Other options for appealing a Penalty Charge Notice / parking fine Appeal in writing By law, appeals must be made in writing with an explanation of why you believe the PCN was wrongly issued and your contravention code number. Pay by cash, cheque or debit card at any post office, or by cash only at any PayPoint outlet: find PayPoint outlet locations on the PayPoint website. The aim is to reduce pollution and make it safer for pupils going to school. I have just submitted my second tribunal appeal for a second ticket received despite already winning an appeal at the tribunal for exactly the same issue. I have used this road on/off since about 1970 . You can tell our parking enforcement team about parking violations, such as someone blocking your dropped kerb (crossover or driveway). You can apply for a disabled parking bay if you have a Blue Badge. Penalty Charge Notices can also be sent by Croydon Council for some traffic offences. You can also join our user research group to receive invites to activities and surveys to help shape future improvements to the site. This is a guide to appealing unfair parking fines. Immediately contacted Arval and emailed Croydon council on parking@croydon.gov.uk to request clarification - but I did not receive a reply. parking contravention PCNissued in person by a civil enforcement officer, bus lane contravention PCN issued by post following CCTV evidence, parking or moving traffic contravention PCN issued by post following CCTV evidence or civil enforcement officer unable to serve the PCN on-street. https://www.mylondon.news/news/south-london-news/croydon-reviews-traffic-signs-after-22377502. However, they have since restarted issuing them again. A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) issued by Croydon Council is a fine to motorists, usually for a parking contravention but not exclusively. Im going to continue to waste the Councils time and money and estimate their costs to date for fining me are in excess of 200 in having to respond to my continuous barrage of questions. You were parked for a very short period of time. This decision, although it does not carry the same kind of legal precedent a court judgement might do, will be a massive boost for the councils use of ANPR automatic number-plate recognition cameras at various points around the borough. These systems are illegal. Parking in a suspended parking bay or a disabled bay without a Blue Badge. I would be interested to know what the successful appeal contained. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Ive just received a PCN for this road dated 19th January 2022, while driving around trying to find a parking space for a dentist appointment in the area. I spoke to a guy today. Sometimes appealing a PCN will make you miss out on the 50% fine reduction. Mr Yousaf states that he returned to the location and saw numerous motorists driving towards the signs until he alerted them of the prohibition. Nurse outraged after being given 5,500 of fines in Croydon University Hospital's car park . MoneyNerd Limited is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Key Retirement Solutions Limited who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm Reference Number 224987) and is classed as a mortgage and home finance adviser. Perhaps the Council should be making more of an effort to stop people getting caught instead of taking money from local residents who are already bailing them out due to the unacceptable debt that they are in. Information explaining how you appeal is written on your penalty charge notice (PCN) letter. applying for the fine to be enforced in the County Court or High Court. Note, things do change and sometimes we do miss things (were only human! We are planning a meeting for January on schemes like this. That was the first time I used the road during the afternoon since this money grabbing scheme started every other time has been weekends or evenings. Or is it a fruitless exercise? I wouldnt but its your choice my friend. Trading address: The Grange, Grange Road, Malvern, WR14 3HA. If youre wondering how we work with our partners and how we make money, you can read more about how MoneyNerd works. You can also email your appeal to us at pcn@croydon.gov.uk. Apparently NCP have the ability to send the penalty notice letter, but not the ability to send a reminder to pay. They are NOT allowed to get your details from DVLA without your consent. Is anyone on this sight having success with appeals and, if so, on what basis? Drawing upon the collective expertise of our team, we possess an in-depth understanding of the financial industry and are dedicated to delivering accessible and practical information to those who need it the most. Here's how to get started: It's really that simple. Find out more and submit your application online. Sometimes formal appeals are called representations. We understand that for some motorists, making a challenge or representation against a PCN can be stressful and time consuming. In a post on social media, Yousaf said, The most disappointing thing is I know that everyone thinks its a poorly implemented scheme and the signage is unclear, confusing and deliberate. If you've stopped at the entrance to a fire station or parked in the middle of a red line without mitigating circumstances, we're afraid you need to pay up. Every civil parking and traffic contravention has a code and description. By law, appeals must be made in writing. Places to park Search for council car parks in Croydon, one-hour. It would be worth writing to your councillors too. You can either submit a challenge online: Challenge a parking penalty charge notice (PCN) or you can send a letter to Parking Appeals Team, Town Hall, St Owen Street, Hereford HR1 2PJ. Celia Hossenbux couldn't believe her. All cheques must be made payable to Croydon Council. Croydon Council will regret scamming me out of 65 and this is all perfectly legal. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your formal representation, you may choose to appeal to the independentEnvironment and Traffic Adjudicators (ETA). Only private parking operators in the British Parking Association's Approved Operator Scheme can offer POPLA. Its a blooming outrage. I have received a penalty charge notice on using Haling Road as well. However, you can get a 50% fine reduction by making the payment within 14 days. Appeal your parking fine. I really think that there should be a national design standard which all councils would have to follow. Penalty points, fines and driving bans Challenge a parking fine We've matched the postcode to London Borough of Croydon . Welcome to the Croydon Council secure internet payments services. Appeal your PCN now! I was shocked to get a PCN this morning (October 27) relating to an offence committed on October 15. 2 Baths. Enter your PCN number and contravention code number. If you no longer wish to dispute the fine, DoNotPay can guide you on how to make the payment. Added to all of what has been said which I totally agree with, what about skilful dodgems driving to avoid the poor state of some of the roads with pot holes or should I say craters is a health and safety risk to all members of the public , car drivers ruin their cars, bikers be aware, pedestrians watch out. I have lived in this area for the past 50 years and have always used Haling Road so when I received my first Penalty Charge for 5th May I paid up immediately as 130 is a lot of money for me. Over the year 1,314 people challenged their PCN (penalty charge notice). To pay your PCN online, you will also need your vehicle registration number. Parking Eye ticket at lidl. You can also join our user research group to receive invites to activities and surveys to help shape future improvements to the site. Ive asked via a FOI request to see the internal correspondence around the debate regarding the implementation of this new sign so I can see what their internal process was as I suspect they realised they had cocked up. I have appealed both penalties but as yet have heard nothing. The junction at Addiscombe Road where the most fines were collected over the last financial year in Croydon (Image: David Cook) But the total made from fines will be between 495,235 and 990,470. This will depend on your circumstances and will be discussed at the earliest opportunity by the financial product provider. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. However, DoNotPay's innovative Parking Ticket product can do all the work for you. You can get information on their website. We use some essential cookies to make this website work. Everything you say applies in my case and yet it falls on deaf ears for the reasons we know a broke Council creaming funds off of the unwary, whether normally law-abiding or not. Britannia parking charge notice appeal process. These are called Parking Charge Notices and are more like an invoice than a fine. I have since updated log book . OPEN SAT, 1PM TO 4PM. Challenge a PCN If you have any queries regarding your PCN please call us on 020 8547 5995. This is usually done over email or in a letter. Unfortunately, it will be nigh on impossible to get a court to agree that Croydon Council use these cameras solely for revenue creation. A Lidl customer who was slapped with a 90 parking fine sent parking officials a hilarious 'stick man' drawing to show he was shopping - and was let off the charge. 29 replies 6.3K views. At MoneyNerd, we are passionate about simplifying finance. On-street parking is often difficult to find, and there are very few off-street parking options. Croydon Council stopped issuing all new Penalty Charge Notices during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can tell our parking enforcement team. Ive known this area of South Croydon for over 20 years, having worked in Bartlett Street for a while, so I knew where all the parking restrictions etc were. . Today I received a hand delivered letter from a bailiff company regarding driving down Haling Road in November 2021. Croydon Council in London became one of the latest councils to suspend parking charges amid the lockdown. Thus, it can be difficult to decide whether you should pay the reduced rate or appeal, especially if you think you have a good case. On 27.05 and 28.05 I turned right into Haling Road off Brighton, as I would have done every other time and I did not see any signs indicating this was a Pedestrian zone, other wise I would not have turned right. I have shared the details of my own successful appeal this morning with this website so hopefully they will publish. As mentioned at the start of our post, these are not the same as a private parking ticket. You can use the carefully crafted appeal letter to serve as your argument when you challenge your ticket (Note: we cannot mail the letter for UK users). Youll receive an appeal letter that contains the best argument to win your case. Please select from the following list: Council Tax Housing Rent General Invoice Trade Refuse Driving and Parking Penalty Housing Service Charge You have a very strong chance of success, particularly given our own appeal decision in which the Judge confirmed the signage is flawed. This should be for school zones, and these low traffic zones. Based in Croydon and edited by Steven Downes. Parking in the spot to do a spot of bargain in the sales after Christmas on December 30 last year, she was shocked to return to her car to find a ticket on her windscreen. Having worked for Croydon Council for over 20 years I am annoyed by the fine but realise that as the Council is bankrupt they have to make money somehow!!! If your appeal is approved, your PCN will be cancelled and you will no longer owe the fine. Free parking after 2.00pm in our on-street and off-street car parks across the county - no ticket needed. Plus a second set of signs about 8 metres beyond the junction.